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A series of three webinars, organized in late autumn 2021, inaugurating a discussion on the historical and cultural value of tangible Jewish heritage in Poland, as well as the challenges facing Polish and Jewish partners involved in its protection.

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The opportunity to get acquainted with selected monuments of Jewish heritage in Poland (synagogues, cemeteries and a funeral home) and visit them without leaving home.

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Virtual tour  
of the synagogue in Łęczna  

History of the synagogue

Soon after Łęczna was granted city rights, Jews began to settle there. They mostly lived in the area north of the market square. In this part of the city, at the end of Bożnicza Street, stands the Great Synagogue.

The exact date of completion of its construction remains unknown. It is known, however, that the Jewish community obtained permission to erect it in 1648. It was issued by the bishop of Kraków and the then heiress of Łęczna, Katarzyna Noskowska née Firlej.

The synagogue was built of stone, but it is not exactly known what it originally looked like. There is a hypothesis that the building could have been topped with an attic. The synagogue was destroyed twice by fires. The first occurred in 1670, and the second in 1846. The synagogue was rebuilt using brick.


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